Become the CFO bold enough to re-imagine business through digitalisation

Evolving the finance function: From analyst to visionary

Data has changed the dynamics of decision making

Successful businesses, irrespective of size, are reliant on up-to-date information, financial analysis and forecasting for rapid response decisions.

This has created an opportunity for financial leaders to shape the future of their business. It is no longer necessary to rely on gut instinct alone to predict financial success.

Becoming a CFO 3.0 means financial leaders like you, can take control of future-proofing their business.



We’ll guide you through the process and recommend the combination of solutions that will deliver exactly what you and your team need to get more done and increase efficiencies.

As a trusted Sage partner, we specialise in Sage X3 software, including implementation and migration. We have extensive, distribution and manufacturing experience, and are ideally positioned to ensure a smooth transition to your new Sage X3 software.


Are you a CFO of the future – are you CFO 3.0?

How far are you in adopting innovative technology into your everyday process?

If you are still dependent on real-time data and dashboards to analyse data, you could be one step behind. Moving from CFO 2.0 to CFO 3.0 with the help of X3 Consulting could increase productivity and see your employees upskilled with the help of technology.


Play Now

Discover the new role for finance

Evolving with your role doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. There’s a new phase of finance, simply learn the benefits you can bring to your organisation by watching this short video.

Begin to be the visionary your business needs you to be, and leverage technology and solutions from X3 Consulting and become CFO 3.0.



Move beyond traditional financial management

Automation can help you put finance at the center of strategy.

CFOs are leading the way for digitalisation in their organisations. With the responsibility of data privacy and technology investment falling on the shoulders of financial leaders, becoming digital-first is a vital step.

This is the benchmark for CFO 3.0, in which you are shaping the future of the business, not simply accounting for the past.


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