Digital transformation: beyond financial management looks at the evolution of the workplace as technology plays an ever greater part in the development of the modern factory and office and impacts the employee and employer alike

By definition what are we talking about?

The world of business is changing at a rapid pace. And for the finance department, that sentiment couldn’t be more evident. As we move to a digitised world, CFO’s and finance teams are moving away from basic tasks such as manually inputting numbers and reporting on the figures. Now, when it comes to financial management, they are moving to interpret real-time data.

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation?

This white paper from X3 Consulting draws on various sources to bring together information about the journey through the industrial revolution as we navigate industry 4.0. What impact this has on the generational workforces and how the leadership team must embrace new technology? Here is your roadmap through digitalisation and how to develop your own roadmap to success.

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