Idu – Budgeting, Forecasting and Financial Modelling Software for Empowered Financial Managers

Say goodbye to complicated, error ridden spreadsheets

and say hello to fast, streamlined
Corporate Performance Management!

Idu-Concept deliver budgeting, forecasting, performance management and reporting tools to simplify financial management. The flagship product, idu-Concept, provides easy, effective budgeting and financial reporting for medium-sized to large businesses. Working alongside is a simple to use, comprehensive Financial Modelling package.

Key Benefits

  • integrates easily with any ERP software
  • has an inbuilt Sage X3 connector which can be tailored to your system.
  • can be implemented quickly,
  • requires little or no ongoing consulting fees
  • reduces budgeting cycles from months to weeks. 

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

Simple solutions

When it comes to budgeting for your business, time is of the essence. Can you afford for your financial department to spend precious hours chasing down budget information, when they should be spending their time on the more valuable task of financial analysis instead?

Or for your line managers to spend days or weeks compiling budgets when they should be dealing with managing the business?


Enable your business by creating a culture of ownership. Start at grass-roots level by building an inclusive vision of where your business should be and what it needs to get there. We’re talking budgets!  

idu-Concept is available in Light, Standard and Enterprise editions, offering a tiered solution to meet your requirements. 

idu-Concept Financial Budgeting Module

Without the right tools, budgeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our system eliminates the pitfalls of spreadsheet-based budgeting and reduces the number of iterations involved in the budget cycle. By using idu-Concept, companies have been able to reduce their budget cycle by up to 70%.

Instead of consolidating, correcting and disseminating spreadsheets, your finance department can focus on important issues such as the budget process, financial anomalies and providing financial guidance and direction to non-financial managers.

By providing reliable access to defined and disclosed budgets, idu-Concept allows financial and non-financial managers to be in control of their accounts at all times.  It enables non-financial managers to give you the figures you need easily, in a standardised format that can be rolled-up into a single version of the truth.

Bypass the ineffective, time-consuming, and soul-destroying spreadsheet go-round, shaving weeks and months off the budget cycle in the process.

Key Features

  • Interfaces with all common ERPs

    • including Sage X3, Sage Intacct, Sap Business One, Syspro, Microsoft Navision/Dynamics

  • Multiple views of data

  • Online real-time aggregation of multiple structures

  • Administration rights owned by finance

  • Tight user security

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to manage

  • Quick to deploy

idu-Concept Revenue Budgeting Module

Are you still preparing your revenue budgets centrally?

Improve accuracy, efficiency and buy-in by harnessing your teams’ knowledge and expertise in the revenue budgeting process.  

idu-Concept offers an online, easy-to-use performance management tool that allows users to capture revenue budgets at a customer and product level with real-time aggregation and management. 

If your company has ever found a fixed asset or piece of equipment in the wrong place – or worse, not found it at all − you know how important it is to control your asset locations and physical verifications.

Financial Modelling

idu-Concept’s Financial Modelling Module allows you to prepare for the future with “what-if” scenario planning: Define assumptions important for your business, link them to your accounts and departments and extrapolate up to five years into the future.

Once you have these multiple views of the future, the Financial Modelling module makes it easy for users to amend assumptions and even to overwrite values, so your organisation can test the impact of decisions far into the future. A restore to original function is included. Amendments are neatly captured and reported in the Administrator module.

Key Features

  • Get insights into the future of your business, month by month, for up to 5 years

  • Base your starting point on a detailed and approved budget or forecast

  • Define multiple assumptions, with good, bad and neutral variants

  • Apply single or multiple assumptions at department and account levels

  • Feed selected results back into idu-Concept as comparative data sets to enable top down and bottom up budget reconciliation

  • Embedded PowerPivot and Power BI models

  • Assumptions can be linked to algorithmic extrapolations of the data

Asset Management

Our Assets Module gives users all the tools they need to take ownership of the assets and equipment under their control. Making transfers and conducting physical verifications with our web-based solution gives the business a real-time view of all its assets and their locations. idu-Concept interfaces directly with the fixed asset register to keep financial records up to date, and integrates with other modules to enhance performance management procedures.

Flexible Deployment

idu-Concept, the award winning Corporate Performance Management solution is available as a perpetual licence or subscription.

The idu-Concept suite of products are also available on both a Private and Public Cloud Platform or you can install on-premise. 

Businesses can choose to use the IDUsystem on a cloud provider of your choice, or the IDU Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution harnessing the power and scalability of Microsoft Azure® Cloud Platform.

Idu Cloud offers world class CPM capabilities without large capital expenditure outlays. Rather than buying costly servers, cloud provides access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, security, reliability, scalability and performance.

Decision makers can have instant access through the cloud to critical business insights securely, anywhere and anytime, through a computer or any internet enabled mobile device.


Reduce budget cycle

Improve accuracy

Capture revenue budgets

Review budgets in real time

Take Control of your budgeting process with Idu-Concept

Gone are the pitfalls of spreadsheet based budgeting and multiple iterations of budget preparation.

Fully integrated with Sage X3, Idu enables budgeting or forecasting to be captured and is highly beneficial to an organisations budgeting process. However, the real value is only realised once the actual spend is brought to book and compared against the budget or forecast. Once this has been finalised this information can be imported back into Sage X3.

Sage X3 is designed to provide real time information on how your business is performing and as such contains the relevant information to create accurate budgets and forecasts.

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