Automation and Productivity
Sage Intacct Fixed Asset Management platform accelerates and simplifies accurate accounting throughout the entire fixed asset management lifecycle.

A single system

Easily manage the complete asset management lifecycle in a single fixed asset platform. 

Faster closes

Eliminate manual effort and accelerate monthly closes. Simplify depreciation management.

Lower your risk

Increase control and reduce risk by tracking assets in a cloud financial-management system.

See your assets

Improve decision-making with dimensional visibility across your entire business. 

Fixed Asset Management

Comprehensive fixed asset and financial management platform

Sage Intacct fixed asset management improves and simplifies accounting accuracy throughout the entire fixed asset management lifecycle.

Work with a single set of asset acquisition, depreciation and disposal data.

Data that’s shared automatically with the general ledger, accounts payable and purchasing.

Fixed Asset Management

Control fixed assets easily

Sage Intacct Fixed Asset Management  lets you to centrally manage and safeguard your business assets.

No more spreadsheet oversight where version control and latest copy are a constant issue.

Enjoy easier asset tracking and reporting of information including condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs. 


Fixed Asset Management

Track accounting and tax depreciation

Sage Intacct fixed asset software allows you to maintain separate tax and accounting books with ease.

Automatically record different depreciation methods for asset categories.

Use straight-line and reducing-balance for accounting, for tax depreciation–or create your own schedules.

Better reporting, better visibility, better decisions

Tag fixed assets with dimensions to track how costs are distributed by department, project, location and more. Then, clearly report book values using visual dashboards and reports.

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Fixed Asset Management


A Single System

Better Reporting

Lower your Risk

Save Time

Learn more about managing fixed assets with Sage Intacct

Our solution merges fixed asset and core accounting functions into a complete, flexible, automated system.

Case Study

USA Fencing Case Study

Sage Intacct reinforced it’s value when USA Fencing required a $280,000 spending reduction due to an unbudgeted event and an unexpected funding shortfall.  


Bay County Medical Care Facility

With Sage Intacct, the facility can now view accurate payroll data by department, which helped managers reduce overtime by 35% and better allocate personnel for an overall 3-4% reduction in labour costs.  


Fixed Asset Data Sheet

Take control of the complete asset lifecycle. 


Buyers Guide for Financial Software

Is your accounting software helping your company grow or is it holding it back?

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Gartner Critical Capabilities 2020

Sage Intacct receives the highest score in core financials for the Lower Midsize Enterprises Use Case in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report.

*Gartner : “Critical Capabilities for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises”– July 2020

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Typical Questions

How much does Sage intacct cost?What is Sage IntacctWhat are the differences between Sage 200 and Sage IntacctHas Sage X3 been replaced by Sage Intacct
The cost of Sage Intacct depends on the number of users and the exact mix of functionality you select. Generally an average system will cost between £10,000 and £28,000 as an annual subscription. As a modular cloud based application you can choose the specific functionality that works for you. Implementation is somewhere between 1:1 and 1:1.5 to the subscription fees.
Sage Intacct helps finance teams increase efficiency and drive growth for their organisations.

By automating processes so you can run your day-to-day business better.

And by giving you greater insight and flexibility—so you can make confident long-term decisions and act faster to execute changes.

Sage Intacct is hosted in the cloud and available in the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa

Sage Intacct is a true SaaS, cloud-based automated accounting software for unlimited business growth and scale. 

Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting software streamlines your critical financial management processes, reduces the need for fragile spreadsheets and gives you greater visibility into your real-time business performance.

Sage Intacct Financial Management will transform the efficiency and speed of your financial team.

Automate the day-to-day processes – like invoices, expenses, payments, and other transactions so you can focus on running your business better.

Sage Intacct is built from the ground up to be the best cloud-based accounting software. 

Sage 200 is now known as Sage 200cloud and made available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can manage your accounts and customers, as well as manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence. 

Sage 200cloud uses the power and productivity of the desktop but has the freedom and control of smart, secure software. With a strong UK customer base Sage 200 has been a vital part of the past success of Sage.

When it comes to the future of cloud based financial management it’s clear Sage Intacct shines brightest.

When Sage Intacct was acquired by Sage in 2017 there some clear similarities to Sage X3. The most striking being the rich financial management capabilities, dimension management and depth of finance functionality.

However, with limited global legislative compliance Sage Intacct is only compliant in 4 countries (USA, UK, South Africa and Australia).

Compare that to Sage X3 which is available as Saas, Subscription (hosted and on-premise) and has legislative compliance in 28 countries, 18 languages. Sage X3 also incorporates full Manufacturing, Distribution, Project Accounting as well as Finance and a thriving partner programme.