Sage X3 Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Sage X3 Electronic Document Management offers a proven solution with a tangible ROI across both on premise and private hosted cloud platforms. EDM is now Sage’s leading solution for Intelligent Electronic Document Management and Invoice Automation.

By introducing touchless, automated processes, organisations can become more agile and efficient with greater visibility and control. EDM’s proven technology is being constantly innovated to ensure our customers are fit for the digital era and keep ahead of the game.

EDM will intelligently store business critical documents for later retrieval with fast, easy access assured.

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Sage X3 Electronic Document Management (EDM)


Reduced document storage

Increased staff productivity

Secure archiving & retrieval

Improved audit processes

By introducing automated processes, businesses can become more agile and efficient

Handling your business documents in just one joined-up software platform and processing them with powerful document management functionality will add substantial value to your Sage X3 Solution, enabling significant savings in cost, time and storage space through simple automation by reducing the time taken to file and retrieve documents making staff more productive. EDM is a global provider of electronic document management solutions that enable organisations to automate and simplify their processes. X3 Consulting have worked with EDM for many years giving control to Sage ERP users over key business documents.

Are you looking for fully integrated document automation software?

EDM gives instant access to all documents for all users with a web-enabled solution comprising of a range of modules not only for storing documents electronically but also for generating and delivering documents electronically and for capturing email and paper documents.

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