Sage X3 for Professional Service Industry

Having visibility of your customer data on demand is essential in simplifying project management and ensuring accurate monitoring and control of the data processing required for your business service delivery.

Sage X3 for professional services organisations allows you to streamline all of your service operations and keep the operational, sales and financial elements of your customers’ projects under control. With streamlined workflows and improved real-time collaboration of your team, you’ll be able to focus on the needs of your customers.

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Sage X3 for Professional Services


Identify project costs

Automate invoices

Process customer enquiries

Accurate project tracking

Streamline service operations, including aftersales maintenance and support for customers

Would you like to satisfy and retain your customers?

Sage X3 for Professional Services meets all your professional service requirements, especially for businesses offering operational services including aftersales, maintenance and support or technical services.

The Sage X3 solutions for Professional Services focuses on financial control, budget management and snapshot management in a simple dashboard showing a summary of how your business is doing. This allows for improved cost management and better control of profitability.

Sage X3 for Professional Services provides your business with the ability to automate customer invoices, gaining greater visibility over payments and transactions, credit management, and revenues across your entire business. Sage X3 for Professional Services ensures accurate tracking optimising profitability and allowing projects to remain on schedule.

The Sage X3 for Professional Services module includes:

  • Multiple project templates
  • Full project management lifecycle
  • Automatic calculation of a suggested price
  • Budget forecast per task and project
  • Record of all project reviews and adjustments
  • Multiple invoicing methods

Sage X3 for Professional Services module sits together with all of the other modules within Sage X3 family, allowing for a seamless view of all of your business data. To find out more about X3 Consulting, click here and read  why we’d make a great partner for your Sage X3 implementation.

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