Business Analysis

With the right planning and business analysis it is possible to implement ERP successfully – and win the respect of your colleagues in doing so. 

It’s a well-established fact that most ERP application projects: –

  • Don’t invest enough time in gathering requirements
  • Have an unrealistic return on investment expectation
  • Fail to include the relevant users when assessing needs
  • Don’t understand the budget requirement because of simplistic assumptions
  • Determine the cloud or on-prem through political not practical processes
  • Get blinded by features instead of sticking to actual process improvements
  • Inevitably fall over by trying to deliver everything in one go
  • Underestimate the need to manage change
  • Fail to recognise the internal effort required
  • Miscommunicate throughout the project and wonder why the go-live is delayed
  • Haven’t visualised and planned for the day after going live

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Business Analysis


Scoping application - TRAX3ION

Experienced Sage ERP experts

Proven reduction in cost & timescale

Improved business results

Successful ERP implementation involves right planning and business analysis from the outset

X3 Consulting have many years of experience in delivering ERP projects so we can be trusted to make sure you don’t suffer like other businesses.

Indeed, some of the projects we’ve been called in to rescue have floundered specifically because there was a lack of business analysis at the start to scope and secure the project remit.

By investing early in the right team, X3 Consulting can help you document and frame the scope of the ERP delivery and help you to deliver an on-time and on-budget project.


We use our very own scoping application called TRAX3ION to generate a specialised set of documents, which will ultimately generate the basic setup for your Sage X3 application install. Trax3ion reduces the risk of not covering key areas effectively and reduces the whole scoping and business analysis process by up to 1/3rd.

TRAX3ION is a complete ERP Q&A scoping application with an AI core, which allows us to auto-build the structured elements needed for the Sage X3 install. Once we’ve completed our business analysis process, we have everything we need to be able to show you how the software will look on the basis of what your team has told us.

Speak to one of our experts if you’d like to realise the power of data and what this can do to grow your business.