Sage X3 Integration

Sage X3 is a powerful system, however sometimes commercial advantage can be achieved by utilising best of breed systems.

Sage X3 provides multiple ways to interface with many different applications and includes a scalable, performant API framework using open-source technologies.

Sage X3 Integration


Eliminates manual entry

Enhanced capabilities

Data synchronisation

Sage experts

Migration enables unified synchronisation of real time data into Sage X3

Sage X3 has many out of the box connectors for interfacing many different software applications.

These connectors enable you to:

  • Report on your sales forecast with the Salesforce CRM connector for Sage X3
  • Make more insightful business decisions with the Business Intelligence connector for Sage Enterprise Intelligence.
  • Process documents easier with [EDM] for Sage X3

Over the years X3 Consulting’s highly skilled development team have interfaced Sage X3 with many different applications, utilising different methods.

These include:

  • Manual/automatic imported file import exports
  • Rest API – A simple but powerful data integration API for simple but secure asynchronous bulk data transfers

Graph QL API Engine – Enables unified synchronisation of real time data into Sage X3. Graph QL is a powerful opensource technology developed by Facebook.

Speak to one of our experts if you’d like to realise the power of data and what this can do to grow your business.