X3 Consulting is a G Cloud 12 approved supplier

As a government approved supplier, our solutions are available on the G-Cloud 12 framework, providing fully managed, secure cloud hosting for the public sector.

About the G-Cloud Framework

G-Cloud is a government initiative designed to make it easier for government departments and public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services. For more than two decades, we’ve transformed the public sector with high-performance, secure cloud solutions.

Hosting with UKFast enables suppliers and developers to accelerate the growth of their software and services into the public sector; providing accredited secure platforms that are connected into the customers’ networks from which to deliver software as a service (SaaS), supported by a fully managed infrastructure and the expertise from the UKFast Public Sector team.

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The future of Government Finance

Finance leaders are under pressure to deliver more than traditional financial reporting or they risk being left behind in the data-driven landscape. They must focus on improving analytical capability and using data to provide advanced insights to the business. But this will require investment in training, data and tools, as well as an adjustment in mindset.

Empowering finance leaders to overcome these challenges means giving them the confidence, freedom and tools to experiment with data to deliver insights and connect business operations to long-term value. By helping finance leaders to explore data, you can develop powerful insights and bring together your stakeholders to unlock value.

The days of traditional financial reporting are gone, such as the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow and simple variance analysis are enough. Business leaders are now looking for in-depth, real-time insights that allow them to connect business activity to long-term value, model scenarios in real-time and efficiently allocate resources. If finance functions do not adopt this new technology, then other functions will step into the void and risk weakening the central role of the finance function in the modern enterprise.

At the same time, many Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are under pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. This means that any additional spending to help finance functions develop their capabilities must be clearly justified by the tangible value it adds to the business.

External pressures are also mounting, adding to the CFO and business workload. COVID-19 and Brexit have clearly presented major challenges, but there are many other pressing developments on the horizon such as digitalisation, rising customer expectations and the increased stakeholder focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Businesses must manage these pressures and understand how their activities impact value in these areas. To achieve this, the CFO must play an increasing role in helping businesses to optimise actions and investments internally in order to drive outcomes externally.


Sage X3 Hosted ERP Software: Finance, Purchase & Inventory Control, Customer Services and Reporting

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sage X3 delivers comprehensive business management covering; finance, budget management, supply chain, inventory control, warehousing, manufacturing and reporting . Sage X3 has over 50 industry-specific add-on solutions.

Be faster, more intuitive and work in a tailored deployment, online.

Sage X3 delivers flexible capacity, configuration and customisation. Below are some of the features of this enterprise level software solution:

  • Designed to make product centric business thrive
  • Cloud based, robust and scalable: from 4 users and up
  • Manage complex contractual relationships across the value chain
  • Manage resources and assets, whether staff, sub-contractors, stock or equipment
  • Plan and execute across multiple locations on one central system
  • Use from any web enabled device
  • Inbuilt workflow and automation
  • Comprehensive and powerful financial and business data management
  • Project, Supply Chain & Quality Management options
  • Integrated data analytics and visualisation tools

Finance teams are now also playing a more important role in government decisions. You may have noticed your customers turning to you for financial advice before making decisions, or perhaps you’re being asked for more in-depth reporting to anticipate future trends. Using the right data enables you to deliver these insights and drive deeper relationships with your clients where you contribute to the overall sales and operational strategies.

How do you use data successfully?

To use data successfully you’ll need to make sure you’re using accurate data from the right sources.

Enter Zap BI – A business intelligence tool designed to seamlessly integrate with accounting software such as Sage 500 and Sage X3. Many organisations use software applications such as ERP, CRM and Finance systems to run their business. These applications produce data that, if accessed, can provide valuable insight into business performance. But accessing data and reporting from often-complex systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce and SAP, can be difficult and time-consuming.

Turning your data into actionable insights

With business intelligence technology, you can help uncover opportunities, mitigate risks, improve operational effectiveness, and drive customer acquisition using actionable and accurate data.

Get faster, better reporting from your ERP, CRM, and all your data

Get better reporting from your BI tool

Deliver enhanced, financial and operational reporting in Power BI and Tableau without time-consuming, user-based data preparation. ZAP Data Hub automates access, integration, and preparation of data to give every function in a business access to reporting from all data sources: ERP, CRM, finance systems, databases, files, and more.

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